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Central Studios Autumn Fair奂镜 Central Studios 秋日集市

Went to Central Studios Autumn Fair last Sunday. There were some really lovely bikes parked out side before I even got in.

(Nope. You’re too little for it buddy.)

(Guess which one of these we have posted before with its cute owner?)

Actually I was there mainly to check out the Factory 5 bikes. After wandering around for over 1 hour, I finally discovered that the tall ginger guy is THE Tyler of People’s Bike. Now all dots are connected. Then I guess I was too excited to have forgotten to take a pic of the man himself. wink

One of them cool guys who just hangs around the spot. ↑

And then on the way back…

Yep. This is Linh with his newly built Factory 5 bike in action. Didn’t even recognize the bike before I stopped him.

星期天去了奂镜 Central Studios的秋日集市(一个类似创意跳蚤集市的活动)。刚到大门口就被停在路边和门口的车给吸引住了。


其实这天主要是去看 Factory 5 的自行车。饿着肚子在跳蚤市场游移了一阵就去啃了个鸡肉三明治。后来又晃荡回FF的展区,聊了一阵发现眼前高大威猛的红发大个儿居然就是人民自行车泰勒。激动得居然忘了给他也来一张。



强迫人家停下后,人家说不会讲中文。那我就英语了。。。仔细一看居然是辆 Factory 5之作,凤凰车架太有标志性了。

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