Kunshan Trip and Bike Race

Loading the truck with bikes↑

What magazine? I want it!  -_ –

Jeff’s hot sauce↑

View from our 5-star hotel room ↓

Opening ceremony after dinner! Stage in the lake. Heard it cost millions.

Famous TV hosts! 林海 & ICS’s 陈旋

Various officials ↓

Fireworks after the show ↑

Bus going back to the hotel. Tyler of Factory 5, the co-organizer, announcing our free spa offers. ↑

Early rise for the warm up ride ↓

Min Woo ↑

Bikes all over the ground! ↑

Not as beautiful as a fixie ↓

A sweet bike lane by one of the many lakes during the warm up ride. I got really tired so just hopped off and started taking pics.

High fives to the A-yi’s on the bikes

Some unique bike ↑

Riaad & Jiayi ↑

Need to get a decent film camera too!↓

Laura (Girl’s champion!) and her twin-lens reflex camera ↑

Feiyues after Feiyues↓

The race took place in Zhouzhuang. I was 3rd in girls but felt sick after the first round. Managed to finish the 2nd round as the last one 😛

Chilling after the race ↑

Made new Chinese biker gal friends too. Thanks for the ice-cream! ↓

Going home!↓

2012 Shanghai Alleycat Photos!

Warning: Picspam! Make sure you have a good bandwith connection (rather than a cellphone).

Pre pre-race night ride supper: xiaolongbao again. ↓ I guess we riders just love dumplings.

Post pre-race night ride party @Shanghai Tattoo. ↓

Pre-race: There were just so many bikes and people, so the police had to request us to hide our bikes in the basement garage of Sinan Mansions. It was a pity that the city of Shanghai didn’t get to witness the bike carnival in such beautiful weather. But starting from underground had a cool street fight vibe going on and actually turned out to be pretty awesome.

Heaps and heaps of LOVE!

Skid T: @Ethan

@Star Track reunion? (Damn I missed @Michelle on the left!) ↓

@ Solomone Cavalli

Beijing Fixed-gear ↓

Postman is outside! ↓

Shanghai gansta @KL


So we had to start in heats of 10 and leave every minute because of this many amazing people. Each person had the heat number and self number on both arms. When we get back the heat number gets deducted from the time.

Dress and heels! ↓

Riaad & Jiayi ↓

And then I started racing. So no more photos from me during the race. 🙁

My route was Kaiba-Specialized-South Bund Skate Park-Central studios-Cheers In- Egghead Bagels-Shanghai Tattoo-Yasmine’s Butchery-La Creperie-Boxing Cat-Factory 5. (I made a map) It was a pretty good route as I crossed Nan bei Gaojia in the south and there’s no traffic and I raced under the highway all along. But I fell from my bike at Central Studios (and got photographed). Luckily a gentleman from Central Studios offered me water so I hung there for 5 minuters, checked out my photo from the photographer and watched Nick P raced away. Unluckily I was carrying my fricking camera throughout the race (and you know it’s heavy!) and it turns out I broke the lens when I landed. Also when coming down from Egghead Bagels I totally forgot to turn to Tattoo and Airwalk so I had to go back from Yasmine’s. 🙁 The result was, I had to snatch the wristband from my bike mechanic , where my friend Jako (I posted his Bengal bike pics before) , also a fellow Airwalk rider, was taking photos. Their happy faces completely cheered me up.

The race had so much fun and good spirit all over it. I was greeted and cheered up by my friend Daniels (who won the overall champion)  riding from the other way when I got really tired; saw my housemate Simon riding the race on a flat tire (and still got 8th place!); greeted and cheered all the cool Chinese riders along the way; met 2 friends who were filming at La Creperie…

(Wow, I’ve never written this much on CityBikr before. You can tell what a good time I had. 🙂 )

Checkpoint mini trophies:


Awesome leggings ↓

↓ Bathroom wall of Boxing Cat Sinan Mansions (Sponsor of this year’s AlleyCat)

“Earth Hour” Night Ride

Kasia and her bike ↑

When we were on the ferry, the lights on the skyscrapers were switched off at 8:30 sharp.

Can’t see the needle (Pearl Tower) now! ↓

If you’ve been visiting CityBikr often, you would probably noticed Scott and his bike ↓ couple of times before:1, 2