“Earth Hour” Night Ride地球一小时 夜骑活动

Kasia and her bike ↑

When we were on the ferry, the lights on the skyscrapers were switched off at 8:30 sharp.

Can’t see the needle (Pearl Tower) now! ↓

If you’ve been visiting CityBikr often, you would probably noticed Scott and his bike ↓ couple of times before:1, 2

Kasia 和她的车 ↑


连东方明珠的针尖都看不到了 ↓

Scott和他的田园风格车(后篮很有爱吧?),之前也有出现过哦,看你仔细不: 1, 2

Not Just Another Night Ride不仅仅又是一次夜骑

Although extremely tired having slept for only 5 hours in the morning (aftermath of a long night’s work), I was really excited and happy to join the Factory Five friends for another night cruise to The Bund. It was also a long-awaited reunion with our very own experienced Chinese biker group (with a potential new girl biker joining!). Check out how awesome our 20 bikes look put together ↓ when we stopped to have some drinks.

Karl’s Tigger saddle ↓

There was an interesting interlude (for me it’s one of those moments that worth taking my big, stupid camera out). After coming out of the tunnel, one of our bikes got punctured. No worries, our distinguished attendant service team immediately took care of it.

虽然由于头晚通宵加班,我还是兴奋地去地参加了周二Factory Five的外滩夜骑。这次也是和我们精通老练的中国骑手们期待已久的一次重聚,而且马上还有新女骑手加入呢。


大师Karl的跳跳虎坐垫↓ 萌不萌?