A Ride to Xinchang Old Town

Sat. morning 9:00 started from Huaihai Rd. Fenyang Rd. on a 45km ride (roundtrip 90km!) to Xinchang Old Town. Braving through 0-2 °C all the way!

Keyword: COLD!
Journey: Fun
Aftermath: I was paralysed

查看Xinchang Old Twon Ride 新场古镇骑行 的大地图

Ready to go!
↑ Photo by the organizer, Harry (@大脚骑天下)

After the ferry ride, awaiting for more riders to join.

Harry and his fixie.↑

Echo and The Yellow One↑ (The same frame bike was featured in the Jianguo Rd. GIANT store post)

The girls↑

Paul showing off his hidden muscles. ↑

Getting windproof protections. ↑

Opposite the Bund in Pudong, near Expo ↑

Arrived! My friend Elena, who rode my pink little bike ↑

Yep, that’s me passing by one of the old watertown house. (It is now the profile pic of CityBikr Facebook page)

The ride home was exhausting. On the final few kilometers, my only living wish is to see the sweet tip hole of SWFC tower again. And I’m soooo proud that I made it with just a simple city bike. 😉

Want to see more photos of the water town? Check my Flickr.