in Streets

Another Spring Weekend


– I’ve seen and heard about it ↑ many times but was never able to capture it.

Cool bike & cool bag ↓

永久C in the shop. ↑ Have been seen a lot of Cs lately.

Cool shoes ↓

Another shop hopper ↑

Now, I have to address the issue that people has been mentioning to me: No, I don’t just take photos of white people on bikes. 1. Most Chinese people just simply don’t want me to take photos of them 🙁 (like this one ↑) There are actually quite a lot of cool Chinese people but they are very often unapproachable -it is a big loss for the world because they ARE as cool or even much more cooler with their Asian calmness. 2. I really haven’t seen many darker skinned people riding. If I have, they will be the first ones to get photographed and haunted by me. 😛

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  1. I’m the guy who photoed you on the street, and my sister is the girl who talked to you~~~
    Seems that you are not a local girl. I am in JingAn area these days cause my mother is treated in HuaShan Hospital.
    If you need any help, pls let me know.