A Big Thank You!

点右上角国旗切换语言 ↗

Frist of all, thank you for your support for CityBikr! We’ve been having 60 unique visits per day on average with occasional outburst for a while now. It’s not much but it means a lot to a small photo blog like this. And when I say “we”, I don’t just mean me, myself and I any more. As you’ve probably noticed that Karl Ke, a.k.a 大师 (the master) has been posting findings from his trips too. Thank you Karl!

A while ago I wrote a bilingual article for 48×15, a magazine in English (now in 2 languages) about fixed gear and urban cycling in China. It’s finally out! You can read it here: http://issuu.com/48×15/docs/48x15vol003_issuu  I also did the “CBNC Style Guide” and “Sack Attack” Chinese translation, which was quite a job cause Adam talks like he’s speaking a totally different cool language. The magazine in print is also free. You can get it from Factory 5 and other bike shops around Shanghai.

Last but not the least, I’ve been riding my Airwalk fixed gear bike for a little over half a year now. It has gone from white to grey, becoming a little rusty and the saddle got dirty and worn out.  It would be great if any bike shop/company can sponsor me. I do ride around the city taking photos and get asked where I got my bike, what brand is it and where to get a bike almost every day. 🙂 (The only money I made so far, from a night ride photo sold to LA based 72andSunny used on marketing for a certain big corporation, has been spent on website hosting, domain and a small upgrade to my camera.)

Finally, I don’t write much and thank you for reading all this. Now enjoy flipping through the photos!

❤ from Lucy