This is a photo blog of urban cyclists, pretty much all kinds of them. My name is LUCY LIU. I’m a photographer, a bike and biker lover. I took most of the photos in STREETS. Credited ones are by my friends and/or found on the web.

I’m a native Chinese from the awesome, beautiful Sichuan – the land of abundance. I had lived in Shanghai for 8 years and Europe for 2.5 years. Now in Singapore.

About my name: Of course Lucy is not in Chinese. That’s just a name I picked for myself when I started to learn English in primary school, because it sounds like my full Chinese name Liu Xin and has a nice transliteration “露西”. People have been calling me “Lucy” for more than 16 years, while some around me still keep changing their English names. I mean, IT’S JUST A NAME! Now, this makes my full English name “Lucy Liu”. And yes I know “Just like the actress ” – I wish I could get a dollar every time people comment on it.

Contact: hi@lucyxliu.com / lucy@citybikr.com

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  1. Lucy, hello ( :

    Delighted to have ran across your pix and profile on Weibo … happy that you ran into our BEAN event. I simply wanted to write and say I really enjoy your website.

    ( :

    • Hey thanks! I could’ve joined you guys that day but unfortunately I had arrangements already made for later. Would be nice to ride with you BEAN people!

      Glad you like it!

    • Ahhh thanks momo. See you around! I’m still trying to learn your trick of “Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo.” Are you on Facebook?

  2. 姐姐你好,我是一个高一的学生,“存款”只有2500左右,能够买一辆较差的死飞嚒?可以的话,是上海的哪家门店呢?

    • 可以的。门店的话这个价格可能有点困难了,除非你对配件很熟悉可以自己找着配起来。永久C有个入门级的差不多这个价位,可以试一下。

  3. hi lucy, i just moved here and it will be a few months before my bikes get shipped over. where do you recommend to pickup a decent road or single speed bike to tide me over until my fancy bikes arrive?