R.I.P. Bill

Salute to the master! #BillCunningham #thesartorialist

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One can say that Bill Cunningham is the forefather of “street” fashion and photography. This is the man who inspired me to become a street photographer, and a photographer in general, if there’s anything that’s serious I’ve done.

Bill Cunningham New York

I watched the documentary of him a few years ago and it left me with tears. He will always be an inspiration to the world for his work and selfless dedication.

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因为没有防抖功能,Sigma 35mm f/1.4 用下来不太适合拍摄移动主题,另外似乎还需要调调焦。


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After the Commercial Shoot 拍完广告片后

Was at a short movie commercial shooting with some fellow fixed riders all Sunday. Wasn’t able to take photos during the shooting but had a chance while we were waiting.

A周日辛苦的早上4点多就爬起来和大家赶拍广告片 @AwesomeAmanda @shadowplay影玩还有新认识的朋友 @赤月凝 @Daniel_想把各种车改成死飞 。一大早7点在车里补觉时被拉练公路的@EdCork 认出扔在外面的熊猫。一天下来还处处被路过的朋友观摩。除了车架刮花外是很快乐的一天~ 车也获得了应有赔偿