Kunshan Trip and Bike Race昆山国际文化旅游节骑行比赛

Loading the truck with bikes↑

What magazine? I want it!  -_ –

Jeff’s hot sauce↑

View from our 5-star hotel room ↓

Opening ceremony after dinner! Stage in the lake. Heard it cost millions.

Famous TV hosts! 林海 & ICS’s 陈旋

Various officials ↓

Fireworks after the show ↑

Bus going back to the hotel. Tyler of Factory 5, the co-organizer, announcing our free spa offers. ↑

Early rise for the warm up ride ↓

Min Woo ↑

Bikes all over the ground! ↑

Not as beautiful as a fixie ↓

A sweet bike lane by one of the many lakes during the warm up ride. I got really tired so just hopped off and started taking pics.

High fives to the A-yi’s on the bikes

Some unique bike ↑

Riaad & Jiayi ↑

Need to get a decent film camera too!↓

Laura (Girl’s champion!) and her twin-lens reflex camera ↑

Feiyues after Feiyues↓

The race took place in Zhouzhuang. I was 3rd in girls but felt sick after the first round. Managed to finish the 2nd round as the last one 😛

Chilling after the race ↑

Made new Chinese biker gal friends too. Thanks for the ice-cream! ↓

Going home!↓


什么杂志啊 我也要看 -_ –


酒店阳台的景色~ ↓ 羡慕嫉妒恨吧?

晚饭完去看表演↓ 昆山国际文化旅游节开幕式。舞台和座位都设置在湖中。据说花了不少钱呢!





看完回酒店。F5老大,活动协办主理人之一泰勒~ ↑是不是在这里出镜数太多了?

第二天一大早就起来~ 参加热身骑 ↓

韩国帅哥 Min Woo,像不像林俊杰~ ↑


还是死飞美~ ↓



这帮人就爱搞怪~  还跟拔杂草的阿姨们击掌。


又是Riaad和Jiayi ↑




比赛在周庄进行的。围湖骑呗。第一轮预选起了个女生第三,快倒下了。还是咬牙坚持骑完第二轮,是进入决赛30个人(10个女生)里的倒数第一。 😛


认识了新朋友↓ 还请我吃冰淇淋,让他们羡慕嫉妒恨去吧~哈哈

天气很热~ 我手臂很粗

美女是不少的↑ 天气是很好的。


Fast Co. SF旧金山死飞女帮

A shoutout from the fixie girls in San Francisco: Get on your bike and dominate!

More lady biker posts coming soon!

Fast Company SF (可译为:旧金山快车帮)是旧金山的一群由女学生、女设计师、女工程师、女运动员等等组成的死飞俱乐部。


Central Studios Autumn Fair

Went to Central Studios Autumn Fair last Sunday. There were some really lovely bikes parked out side before I even got in.

(Nope. You’re too little for it buddy.)

(Guess which one of these we have posted before with its cute owner?)

Actually I was there mainly to check out the Factory 5 bikes. After wandering around for over 1 hour, I finally discovered that the tall ginger guy is THE Tyler of People’s Bike. Now all dots are connected. Then I guess I was too excited to have forgotten to take a pic of the man himself. wink

One of them cool guys who just hangs around the spot. ↑

And then on the way back…

Yep. This is Linh with his newly built Factory 5 bike in action. Didn’t even recognize the bike before I stopped him.