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Frist of all, thank you for your support for CityBikr! We’ve been having 60 unique visits per day on average with occasional outburst for a while now. It’s not much but it means a lot to a small photo blog like this. And when I say “we”, I don’t just mean me, myself and I any more. As you’ve probably noticed that Karl Ke, a.k.a 大师 (the master) has been posting findings from his trips too. Thank you Karl!

A while ago I wrote a bilingual article for 48×15, a magazine in English (now in 2 languages) about fixed gear and urban cycling in China. It’s finally out! You can read it here: http://issuu.com/48×15/docs/48x15vol003_issuu  I also did the “CBNC Style Guide” and “Sack Attack” Chinese translation, which was quite a job cause Adam talks like he’s speaking a totally different cool language. The magazine in print is also free. You can get it from Factory 5 and other bike shops around Shanghai.

Last but not the least, I’ve been riding my Airwalk fixed gear bike for a little over half a year now. It has gone from white to grey, becoming a little rusty and the saddle got dirty and worn out.  It would be great if any bike shop/company can sponsor me. I do ride around the city taking photos and get asked where I got my bike, what brand is it and where to get a bike almost every day. 🙂 (The only money I made so far, from a night ride photo sold to LA based 72andSunny used on marketing for a certain big corporation, has been spent on website hosting, domain and a small upgrade to my camera.)

Finally, I don’t write much and thank you for reading all this. Now enjoy flipping through the photos!

❤ from Lucy

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前俩月我写了篇双语文章给48×15。这是一份讲中国死飞和城市骑行的英文杂志(现在开始慢慢是双语了)。现在第三期终于出来,大家可以到此一读电子版 http://issuu.com/48×15/docs/48x15vol003_issuu   后面的 “CBNC 时尚指南”和 “淘宝包包大比拼”也是由我翻译。当时确实是抓破头皮硬挤出来的,因为杂志主编Adam说起英文实在太酷太口语。杂志印刷版也是完全免费的,刚刚起步。在Factory 5和上海各大车店基本都能拿到。图文都欢迎大家指正。

最后,我的Ariwalk死飞已经骑了大半年,已经从白色变为灰色,划痕斑斑,接头处开始生锈坐垫也磨损脏污了。如果有公司/车店能够赞助我的话将不胜感激!我基本每天都会骑车在市区拍照发名片,很多人常常问我我的车是哪里买的,是神马牌子,应该去哪里买车,也算是不错的广告。(拍到现在唯一的收入是卖给洛杉矶 72andSunny 公司用于某大公司客户广告的一张夜骑照片,用在主机和域名上已经花光。)


❤ 来自 Lucy

Kunshan Trip and Bike Race昆山国际文化旅游节骑行比赛

Loading the truck with bikes↑

What magazine? I want it!  -_ –

Jeff’s hot sauce↑

View from our 5-star hotel room ↓

Opening ceremony after dinner! Stage in the lake. Heard it cost millions.

Famous TV hosts! 林海 & ICS’s 陈旋

Various officials ↓

Fireworks after the show ↑

Bus going back to the hotel. Tyler of Factory 5, the co-organizer, announcing our free spa offers. ↑

Early rise for the warm up ride ↓

Min Woo ↑

Bikes all over the ground! ↑

Not as beautiful as a fixie ↓

A sweet bike lane by one of the many lakes during the warm up ride. I got really tired so just hopped off and started taking pics.

High fives to the A-yi’s on the bikes

Some unique bike ↑

Riaad & Jiayi ↑

Need to get a decent film camera too!↓

Laura (Girl’s champion!) and her twin-lens reflex camera ↑

Feiyues after Feiyues↓

The race took place in Zhouzhuang. I was 3rd in girls but felt sick after the first round. Managed to finish the 2nd round as the last one 😛

Chilling after the race ↑

Made new Chinese biker gal friends too. Thanks for the ice-cream! ↓

Going home!↓


什么杂志啊 我也要看 -_ –


酒店阳台的景色~ ↓ 羡慕嫉妒恨吧?

晚饭完去看表演↓ 昆山国际文化旅游节开幕式。舞台和座位都设置在湖中。据说花了不少钱呢!





看完回酒店。F5老大,活动协办主理人之一泰勒~ ↑是不是在这里出镜数太多了?

第二天一大早就起来~ 参加热身骑 ↓

韩国帅哥 Min Woo,像不像林俊杰~ ↑


还是死飞美~ ↓



这帮人就爱搞怪~  还跟拔杂草的阿姨们击掌。


又是Riaad和Jiayi ↑




比赛在周庄进行的。围湖骑呗。第一轮预选起了个女生第三,快倒下了。还是咬牙坚持骑完第二轮,是进入决赛30个人(10个女生)里的倒数第一。 😛


认识了新朋友↓ 还请我吃冰淇淋,让他们羡慕嫉妒恨去吧~哈哈

天气很热~ 我手臂很粗

美女是不少的↑ 天气是很好的。


2012 Shanghai Alleycat Photos!2012 上海野猫速递比赛图片集

Warning: Picspam! Make sure you have a good bandwith connection (rather than a cellphone).

Pre pre-race night ride supper: xiaolongbao again. ↓ I guess we riders just love dumplings.

Post pre-race night ride party @Shanghai Tattoo. ↓

Pre-race: There were just so many bikes and people, so the police had to request us to hide our bikes in the basement garage of Sinan Mansions. It was a pity that the city of Shanghai didn’t get to witness the bike carnival in such beautiful weather. But starting from underground had a cool street fight vibe going on and actually turned out to be pretty awesome.

Heaps and heaps of LOVE!

Skid T: @Ethan

@Star Track reunion? (Damn I missed @Michelle on the left!) ↓

@ Solomone Cavalli

Beijing Fixed-gear ↓

Postman is outside! ↓

Shanghai gansta @KL


So we had to start in heats of 10 and leave every minute because of this many amazing people. Each person had the heat number and self number on both arms. When we get back the heat number gets deducted from the time.

Dress and heels! ↓

Riaad & Jiayi ↓

And then I started racing. So no more photos from me during the race. 🙁

My route was Kaiba-Specialized-South Bund Skate Park-Central studios-Cheers In- Egghead Bagels-Shanghai Tattoo-Yasmine’s Butchery-La Creperie-Boxing Cat-Factory 5. (I made a map) It was a pretty good route as I crossed Nan bei Gaojia in the south and there’s no traffic and I raced under the highway all along. But I fell from my bike at Central Studios (and got photographed). Luckily a gentleman from Central Studios offered me water so I hung there for 5 minuters, checked out my photo from the photographer and watched Nick P raced away. Unluckily I was carrying my fricking camera throughout the race (and you know it’s heavy!) and it turns out I broke the lens when I landed. Also when coming down from Egghead Bagels I totally forgot to turn to Tattoo and Airwalk so I had to go back from Yasmine’s. 🙁 The result was, I had to snatch the wristband from my bike mechanic , where my friend Jako (I posted his Bengal bike pics before) , also a fellow Airwalk rider, was taking photos. Their happy faces completely cheered me up.

The race had so much fun and good spirit all over it. I was greeted and cheered up by my friend Daniels (who won the overall champion)  riding from the other way when I got really tired; saw my housemate Simon riding the race on a flat tire (and still got 8th place!); greeted and cheered all the cool Chinese riders along the way; met 2 friends who were filming at La Creperie…

(Wow, I’ve never written this much on CityBikr before. You can tell what a good time I had. 🙂 )

Checkpoint mini trophies:


Awesome leggings ↓

↓ Bathroom wall of Boxing Cat Sinan Mansions (Sponsor of this year’s AlleyCat)




赛前夜骑完派对时刻 @Shanghai Tattoo. ↓

赛前: 因为车太占地方以及600多号人,被警察叔叔勒令转移到思南公馆地下停车场。很遗憾上海没有在如此美好的天气下见证这次单车嘉年华的机会。但其实从地下开始也有一种很酷的街头比赛调调。

成堆成堆的爱呀~ 我估摸赛前这里停的自行车总价值应该超过3百万。(不少一辆就上万的)

Skid T恤: @Ethan杨

@Star Track 小聚?(大米 不好意思没把你拍全) ↓

@ Solomone Cavalli

北京死飞也来了很多人 ↓


上海滩 @KL


高跟鞋和裙子 ↓

Riaad & Jiayi ↓


关于比赛过程我在英文版写了一段,可以点右上角小国旗切换。大概就是我扛着死重的相机,在奂镜摔了一跤。然后从Egghead Bagels南下时完全忘记两个签到点又从肉店骑回去,以及大家的精神是如何鼓舞。有空来好好写下中文的。



视幻裤 ↓

↓ 思南公馆的 Boxing Cat 拳击猫洗手间墙壁 (本次比赛的主赞助)

2012 Shanghai AlleyCat (April 6-8)2012 上海野猫速递比赛 (四月6-8号)

Registration: http://peoplesbike.com/shanghaialleycat/
Schedule: http://peoplesbike.com/shanghaialleycat/schedule/
Checkpoints: http://peoplesbike.com/shanghaialleycat/checkpoints/

Wanna know who won last time? I happened to have shot him riding on Fumin Lu, Changle Lu in February.

超过150,000元奖品! 8月即将上映的《致命急件》特技演员,北美多城市野猫赛冠军 Austin Horse(由红牛赞助)也会飞到上海来参赛!

赛程: http://peoplesbike.com/shanghaialleycat/schedule/
签到点: http://peoplesbike.com/shanghaialleycat/checkpoints/

二月的街拍碰巧有拍到上次的野猫赛冠军 ↓

超过150,000元奖品! 8月即将上映的《致命急件》特技演员,北美多城市野猫赛冠军 Austin Horse(由红牛赞助)也会飞到上海来参赛!

赛程: http://peoplesbike.com/shanghaialleycat/schedule/
签到点: http://peoplesbike.com/shanghaialleycat/checkpoints/

“Earth Hour” Night Ride地球一小时 夜骑活动

Kasia and her bike ↑

When we were on the ferry, the lights on the skyscrapers were switched off at 8:30 sharp.

Can’t see the needle (Pearl Tower) now! ↓

If you’ve been visiting CityBikr often, you would probably noticed Scott and his bike ↓ couple of times before:1, 2

Kasia 和她的车 ↑


连东方明珠的针尖都看不到了 ↓

Scott和他的田园风格车(后篮很有爱吧?),之前也有出现过哦,看你仔细不: 1, 2

Paddy’s Bash!圣帕特里克节啤酒骑

Another awesome beer bash – Paddy’s Bash, hosted with free drinks (yay!) by Factory 5 & Shanghai Tattoo, celebrates the Irish St. Patrick’s Day.

Everybody had something green!

My bike and its prototype. (Anna’s lowered frame = love at first sight) .

Trying out the tandem 😀

才过去多久呀,啤酒骑又来了。这次是Factory 5上海纹艺复兴 合办的,恰逢圣帕特里克节,当然也少不了爱尔兰人的习俗——酒!




Not Just Another Night Ride不仅仅又是一次夜骑

Although extremely tired having slept for only 5 hours in the morning (aftermath of a long night’s work), I was really excited and happy to join the Factory Five friends for another night cruise to The Bund. It was also a long-awaited reunion with our very own experienced Chinese biker group (with a potential new girl biker joining!). Check out how awesome our 20 bikes look put together ↓ when we stopped to have some drinks.

Karl’s Tigger saddle ↓

There was an interesting interlude (for me it’s one of those moments that worth taking my big, stupid camera out). After coming out of the tunnel, one of our bikes got punctured. No worries, our distinguished attendant service team immediately took care of it.

虽然由于头晚通宵加班,我还是兴奋地去地参加了周二Factory Five的外滩夜骑。这次也是和我们精通老练的中国骑手们期待已久的一次重聚,而且马上还有新女骑手加入呢。


大师Karl的跳跳虎坐垫↓ 萌不萌?